Why Pets are the Best Gifts for New Year’s


The joyful time of New Year’s is just around the corner, and the excitement of a new beginning is quickly building up with all the goals and New Year’s resolutions we have in store for 2019! This very festive and cheerful holiday wakes up the warmest emotions of happiness and love among families, couples and friends. We take time to make our loved ones feel happy and appreciated by spending time with them and showering them with thoughtful gifts to better their beginning of the New Year. But what is the best New Year’s gift for someone close to you?

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, one thing you can rarely go wrong with is a pet! It has been proven that pets can enhance the quality of one’s life in many aspects, from health to overall well-being. Whether it is a gift for a family member or a friend, there is no doubt they are going to be surprised and completely in love with their cute little friend. That’s what makes pets the best gifts you can possibly think of for New Year’s.

Research Insights

Having a pet is a significant boost for your overall wellness. A study at the State University of New York, Buffalo, in 2002 has shown that people engaging in stressful tasks experience less stress when in the company of a pet than when participating in the same task in the company of their family members or partners. Pets, especially dogs, have a very calming effect on people, which is why they’re used at various therapies and rehabilitation centers and facilities.

According to the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pets are the best medicine for stress, anxiety, emotional and physical pain. Studies have shown that pets can significantly influence your health, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve your mood and boost your immunity, as well as decrease risks of heart attack or stroke. If you’re looking for a meaningful New Year’s gift and you want the best for your loved one, getting them a pet is the most thoughtful and generous thing you can do for them.

One of the Best Remedies for Loneliness

Not only that they’ll feel excited and happy about getting a chance to raise a little creature and play with it, but they’ll also experience improvement in terms of mood and general well-being. Having a pet means you’ll never feel alone again. If the person doesn’t know what it feels like to come home to a pet that couldn’t wait to see them after so many hours, they are really missing out on a beautiful side of life! Let them experience the wonders of owning a pet, they will be thanking you later!

Pets can sense how their owner is feeling. If the owner is feeling sad, their little buddy will jump onto their lap and wag his/her tail until it sees its owner smiling again. Not only that a pet can get you to laugh and feel better in difficult situations, but they can also significantly relieve stress and anxiety. The calming effect pets have on their owners really helps reduce the negative feelings and bring positivity into a home.

Helps All the Members of the Family in More Ways Than One

What is a home without a pet? The warmth that comes along with owning a pet is irreplaceable! With so many mental and emotional benefits that come together with hanging out with pets, there’s no wonder why they’re used as therapy for patients who are going through difficult times in life.

Besides emotional benefits, pets can relieve chronic pains such as arthritis or migraines. The chemicals our brains start producing when in the presence of a pet positively affect the rest of our bodies, leading to pain relief and overall positive energy. With less anxiety and stress, days spent with pets can really boost one’s health and improve their life significantly. What more do you want from the perfect New Year’s gift?

Getting a pet as a gift for your child or little nephew is not only generous but also recommended. It has been proven that children who grow up with pets, whether dogs, cats or any other pets, develop less to no allergies at all. Owning a pet significantly boosts one’s immune system, especially during the early ages. The earlier a child gets a pet; the fewer allergies they are likely to develop in the crucial phase of their growth.

Socialising Benefits

If you’re still not convinced that pets are the best and most thoughtful gifts to start the new year with, think about all the socializing benefits that come along with it. Having a pet can help a person socialize and give them more opportunities for meeting people who like pets as well. Walking a dog every day gives you a chance to stop and talk to people who are interested in sharing a moment with you and your pet. Who knows, you may meet someone special at one of your buddy’s walks.

People with anxiety and introvert personalities find it much easier to talk to others when they have an icebreaker such as a pet with them. This helps them engage in conversations and meet new people, as well as form new relationships that stand the test of time.

Fitness Motivation

One essential aspect of life needed to maintain good overall wellness is fitness and physical activity. Getting enough exercise is vital for your health, but it’s not very easy to keep up with. Running in the morning may not be your favorite thing until you have a pet keeping you company and racing you like it’s the Olympics!

Therefore, having a pet can boost one’s fitness motivation and thus help maintain physical health and wellness. On top of it all, it’s impossible to feel sad with a pet who is trying to cheer you up with its innocent ways. By now you should not only be thinking of gifting a pet to your friend or family member but also getting one for yourself!

The New Year is a fresh beginning with tons of opportunities awaiting! Who knows what life has to throw at you next, but all you should know is that going through it with a pet makes thing so much better! All the responsibilities that come with owning a pet are nothing when compared to the benefits and the love you receive in return. If you genuinely want the best for the person you have in mind right now, you should gift them a pet and watch how their life slowly improves. From stress, anxiety and depression relief to ease of physical pain, pets can help people get through tough times and keep them smiling no matter what. Aren’t they the best possible choice for a New Year’s present?!


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