Tips for Hamster Owners


Contrary to the popular opinion that owning a hamster is lame, hamsters are actually amusing pets to take care of. They are playful and energetic and, if you know how to treat them properly, you will have a great time with your hamster! However, just because they are small and live in a cage doesn’t mean they are easy to maintain. Here are some tips for hamster owners who want their little pets to be happy and healthy.

#1 Check the hamster’s cage

Is your hamster’s cage right for him? If you already own a cage for your hamster, check if it suits these requirements but if you’re just about to buy the pen, make sure you use these requirements as a checklist to get a proper home for your hamster. The cage should be of 360 mm of floor space at least, for your hamster to be able to move around freely. The bigger the cage, the better it is for your tiny pet. The enclosure has to be spacious enough to fit the bedding section, the water bottle and a snack bowl, as well as toys. You don’t want your hamster to feel bored so getting him toys is mandatory.

#2 Handle your hamster slowly

The thing about hamsters is, they don’t like quick and sudden movements. If you move your hand around fast, the poor fellow will get scared and run away and catching them is a real nightmare. Therefore, when picking up your hamster, move your hands slowly and talk to him quietly. They hate loud noise as much as they hate quick movement so make sure you are gentle and quiet. This counts for carrying your hamster as well. If you speak loudly or make a sudden move while holding him, don’t be surprised if he jumps out of your hands.

#3 Keep it clean

Hamster doesn’t really like bathing so keeping them clean will depend on how clean is the cage. Therefore, make sure to clean the cage on a regular basis (three to four times per week). While doing so, take the master out and let it play around. If you think giving your hamster a bath is really necessary, do it in a shallow box and fill it with only a few centimeters of water. Bathe your hamster with plain water and, if necessary, you can add unscented pet shampoo. However, don’t do so often or if it is not really necessary. Rinse the hamster nicely and dry him off with a small towel.

#4 Keep the hamster entertained

Making sure your pet is occupied is a critical aspect of taking care of them. The best way to engage a hamster is to get him a hamster wheel or a hamster ball, perhaps even both. These
are also required for your hamster to get the right amount of exercise to stay healthy. You can place the hamster in the hamster ball while you clean the cage as well.

#5 Never keep two hamsters together

This is, of course, if your two hamsters are a male and a female. Unless you want hamster babies, make sure to keep them separated while not supervised. Believe it or not, hamsters can carry up to 20 babies, which is a lot of new pets for you to handle. Therefore, make sure not to leave anything to chance. Getting two cages would be the only solution in this case.

#6 Feeding your hamster

To keep your hamster healthy, you must feed him a well-balanced diet. Avoid feeding the hamster acidic foods because those interfere with the digestive system of this animal. Don’t overfeed your hamster because you don’t want him to get fat. Make sure it gets a proper amount of food and exercise to stay healthy.

#7 Research the symptoms

Every hamster owner should possess some knowledge of hamster diseases and traits. Make
sure to do research on common hamster diseases to be able to recognize the signs if your pet starts showing them. This way, you will be able to react efficiently and on time to save your little friend’s life.


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