Myths About Pets And Their Lives


Let’s face it, having pets is fun but all the myths about pets and owning them makes some people think twice before getting a furry friend to spend time with. However, most of those myths are not only ridiculous but wholly impossible and untrue. Some have developed through histories of different cultures while some myths don’t even have clear origins. For all, we know someone could have made them up and now, for some reason, most pet lovers are convinced that they are right. To shine some light on the topic, here is a list of myths regarding pets that are totally wrong!

#1 Dogs can’t see

Wrong! Dogs are not colourblind nor have they ever been. So far, research has shown that dogs can see several colours, including blue, yellow, green and different shades of grey. But that’s only as far as we know thanks to the scientific research conducted on this topic. Dogs could be seeing colours we don’t even know of. Who knows, we may find out soon!

#2 Cats will always land on their feet

As cool as it is to think of cats as some kind of superheroes, this myth is entirely not true. Even though cats often land on their feet, it doesn’t mean that is the case all the time. They happen to land on their feet often because they are naturally skilled in controlling their position throughout the fall. It’s not like they magically land on their feet whenever they jump from somewhere. Greater heights can be quite dangerous and cause injury or death to even the most skilled cats. Therefore, this myth cannot be confirmed so don’t try to test it with your cat! Please.

#3 Dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s

In what universe can this be true, we don’t know. However, there is undoubtedly no chance that a dog’s mouth can be cleaner than a human’s. Dogs are exposed to all kinds of bacteria when sniffing stuff outdoors, and all those nasty bacteria can end up on your face if you get too close to your dog. Therefore, the next time you hear that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than human’s, don’t try to prove it by kissing your dog.

#4 Cats have nine lives

Again with the cats’ superheroes! It is absolutely not possible for cats to have nine lives. They may be lucky, but they’re not immortal. The thing is, cats are just very resilient animals, and they are skilled enough to escape dangerous situations and avoid death or injury. That is why they can survive in tricky situations quite often, which leads us to think that they have nine lives. Why nine? Well, nine is a lucky number in many cultures, whereas, in different cultures, the number of cat’s lives varies. In some cultures, for example, cats supposedly have seven lives. Of course, not necessarily but good for them!

#5 Opening a window when leaving a dog in a car

This is possibly one of the most important myths you need to know when owning a pet. For some reason, there has been a rumour going around that if you crack the window open when keeping your dog alone in the car, he will be just okay. This is completely wrong! It is essential for you to know that it is never okay to leave your dog in the car, with or without the window open. Even in cold weathers, you should never leave the dog alone there for a long time because despite the temperatures being low outside, the inside of the car can heat up quickly and, with all the fur they have, dogs experience even more overheating than humans. Opening a window won’t be of much help to them because an open window is not an AC and because the car is not moving, there is no wind to speed up air circulation through that window. Now that you know that this myth is completely wrong and dangerous for the health of your dog, please let other dog owners know about it. In some parts of the world, it is even illegal to leave your dog in the car so make sure not to do so!

#6 Cats purr because they’re happy

You’ve probably heard at least once that cats only purr when they’re happy. If you’re a cat owner and you find your cat purring while you pet her, it probably feels nice to know the cat is enjoying your company. However, if a cat is purring it doesn’t mean it is because she is happy. Purring is a way of expressing strong emotion, which can be happiness, sadness or anger. Some cats purr when in pain or when stressed, which means this myth is totally untrue.

#7 If a dog eats grass he is sick

Eating grass is entirely rational when it comes to dogs. Some of them just like doing it. Often times a dog throws up after eating grass, which led people to think they eat grass to throw up when feeling sick. However, that is not necessarily true, as they can merely be enjoying the taste of the morning park grass. Although, you should probably not let them snack on it since if it has been treated with chemicals, it can be hazardous for your dog’s health.

#8 Cats can see in the dark

If you’ve never seen a cat moving in the dark, it looks like a secret ninja in the body of a cat. These animals are very skilled in finding their way around furniture at night, but it doesn’t mean they can see in the dark. Research has proven that cats see better than humans in semi-darkness, but they cannot see in the complete darkness. Another cat superhero myth is busted.

#9 Flee collars are effective

This one is good to know when owning a pet, as you don’t want to be spending money on things that don’t do what they’re supposed to. You will see many shops promoting flea collars as an excellent solution for these pest creatures, but those are only marketing tricks meant to increase the profits of thirsty companies. Flea collars don’t actually keep your dog protected from flees. They are just useful in the areas where the collar touches the skin. Otherwise, they are completely useless!

The above points are just some of the myths that got negated, let us hope this paves
the way for a more realistic understanding of pets and their lives.



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