How to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly


If you’re contemplating about getting your first pet, there are several things you need to know before your new buddy comes home. Whether you’re getting a cat or dog, you will have to make some changes around your house or apartment to ensure the environment is safe for the pet. These changes most often include installing safety nets and removing dangerous items from your home that could potentially harm the animal.

Here are ten steps you should take to make your home more pet-friendly!

  1. Remove All Hazard
    Start by removing different kinds of hazards both inside your home and around it. Unprotected cables, old cords and electric wires could be a huge threat for your new pet. Once they arrive at a new environment, animals are curious and very likely to sniff around and chew things. You surely don’t want a puppy to come across some dangerous unprotected wires or similar hazards. Therefore, make  sure to keep all cords inside the house short and safely protected.
  2. Opt for Hardwood
    Having a carpet is not the best idea for pet owners, especially if you’re about to adopt a puppy or a kitten. Your carpet is most likely going to get stained and dirty really quickly and cleaning it every few weeks will surely become unbearable. The best way to solve this issue is to ditch carpets completely and stick to quality old hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is much easier to maintain, as you can clean it much more quickly. On the other hand, if you absolutely must have carpets for any reasons, opt for darker colors, since a white carpet won’t remain white for too long if you have a pet.
  3. Maintain Your Home
    The best advice when it comes to making a home pet-friendly is to maintain it regularly. To ensure your home is a safe environment for pets at all times, you must regularly check for hazards and remove any dangerous items that your animal can reach. Vacuuming and cleaning the apartment periodically is very important for your pet’s health, as well as your health and well-being in general. However, to keep your home pet-friendly at all times, you have to remember a few basic rules. For instance, never leave food lying around and empty your trashcan on a daily basis. Make sure all essential items are placed on high shelves out of the animal’s reach.
  4. Switch to Pet-Friendly Furniture
    Just like carpets, your furniture is going to get dirty a lot faster if you have a pet. Even if you get the cutest bed for your new puppy or a kitten, they are most likely going to jump on the bed anyway, especially when you’re not home. In other words, you can expect your furniture to get stained quite quickly. The most convenient way  around this issue is to replace your old sofas and couches with new furniture made of pet-friendly materials. When choosing the material, try to avoid silk, velvet and tweed, as these materials are not resistant to stains and scratches. Instead, go for more durable options that will survive your pet’s claws.
  5. Replace Your Trashcans
    We’ve already mentioned that it is important to empty your trashcans on a daily basis to make sure your pet doesn’t find anything hazardous in there. However, a daily habit won’t be enough to make your home super pet-friendly. You need to replace all your trashcans with more durable ones and make sure that they have sturdy lids that will prevent pets from sniffing inside. Old food and other items that can be found in a trashcan can be very hazardous for your animal. For that reason, you must make sure that the trashcans are sturdy enough so that the pet cannot knock them over and spill its contents. It would be best if you could place your trash cans in a closed off pantry or somewhere where dogs won’t be able to reach them.
  6. Keep Medication Out of Reach
    Keeping medication out of reach is even more important than stopping your pet from finding old food in the trashcan. Pets are curious, and they love to sniff around. If they find a bottle of pills and accidentally knock it over and spill the medication, they might think it’s a treat. As you can assume, swallowing pills is very harmful to any kind of pet. Of course, the negative consequences depends on the medication and the amount that the pet manages to eat. However, it is best to think ahead and prevent this issue from happening by keeping medicines in a closed cabinet.
  7. Install Window Screens
    This one goes for all the cat owners out there (but dog owners might find it useful as well)! As we all know it, cats love looking through windows. The only problem is that they often cannot tell whether a window is open or closed. If you keep your windows open, your cat might accidentally fall out and get seriously injured. Incidents like these can sometimes even result in death. Hence, to keep your pet safe, install window screens on all windows that are usually kept open.
  8. Create a Dedicated Pet Area
    Pets love spending quality time with their owners and cuddling on the couch, but they also need some private space for themselves. If you want your pet to be happy and satisfied, you should create a dedicated pet area that will have everything your furry companion needs, from a comfortable bed to food and water bowls. Don’t forget to include a comfy blanket and your pet’s favorite toys!
  9. Build a Dog Pool
    Hot summer days can be very stressful for your dog, especially when the temperatures reach the higher end of the scale. The best way to make the summer more enjoyable for your dog is to build a dog pool in your backyard (if you have one). Water-loving dogs such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers will love the idea of splashing in a pool all day long. If you have space in your backyard, create a small pool in the ground to make it easier for the dog to jump in and out of the water.
  10. Fence Your Backyard
    Last but certainly not the least, those who have a backyard and plan to let their pets wander outside every once in a while should make sure the outdoor area has proper fencing. Fencing is an important safety measure, as it will prevent your animal from going too far away or running towards a dangerous road. Make sure the backyard has no hazardous objects and that the fence is made of safe materials (no unsafe wires should be sticking out).

Making a home pet-friendly is a mandatory step when it comes to adopting a pet. If you’re about to become a pet owner for the first time, the whole idea of making your home, a safe environment might sound a bit overwhelming. However, it doesn’t have to be so complicated, as long as you create a plan and execute it effectively. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down a checklist that you’ll need to go through to secure your home properly.

The most important things you need to focus on include creating a dedicated pet area, removing dangerous items and hazards from inside and around the home, as well as switch to more pet-friendly materials when it comes to carpets and furniture. If you own a backyard, don’t forget to make it pet-friendly as well. Remove any hazardous objects and install a fence that will keep your pet within your property at all times. We wish you and your new buddy a happy and healthy life always.


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